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The main purpose of ICISD2021 is to provide an international platform for presenting and publishing the latest scientific research outcomes related to the topics of Innovation Management and Sustainability.

ICISD2021 Keynote Speakers

Levon Poghosyan

The purpose of the International Conference on Informatics, Technology and Engineering (ICITE2021) is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners in the domain of interest from around the world. ICITE2021 invites researchers, industries, practitioners, students, lecturers from Information and Communications Technologies, Science and Engineering fields to contribute their papers and works to be presented at our forthcoming conference.

• Artificial Intelligence
• Bioinformatics
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Software and Applications
• Computer Sciences
• Data Mining
• Other related areas

The International Conference on Economics, Finance and Business (ICEFB2022) aims to bring together researchers, industries, economists, lecturers and students in the domain of interest from around the world. The conference provides an international platform for the participants to present and publish their research findings regarding economics, business and finance.

Business & Economics
Business Performance Management
International Economics
International Finance
Business Innovation
Marketing Research

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International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Development

September 11 – 12, 2021


electric car, auto, carsharing

The Influence of Government Policy in New Energy Vehicle Industry in China

This paper examines the direct and indirect role of government and its policies to influence the innovation process of new electric vehicle industry. Specifically, the paper aims to examine university-industry collaboration and interaction of the government. We analyze the current model and the government policy of NEV industry and propose our new model based on our findings for government interaction to foster the NEV development in China.


University-Industry Collaboration in Armenia

Collaboration between University and Industry is increasingly significant to make a contribution to the economy and society. University-Industry Collaboration (UIC) facilitates the transfer of knowledge and stimulates new knowledge and technology development. In Armenia, the poor linkages between education and industry are notably critical as well as the existence of innovative intermediaries and support institutions.

power poles, upper lines, power lines

Energy Smart Development and Innovation Capabilities in Armenia

The city’s transformation into energy smart city requires a variety of features that combine various fields of energy generation, dissemination and utilization of energy in society.The article outlines on findings from Armenia’s “Yerevan Sustainable Energy Development Program”. The objective of this article is to illustrate possibilities and challenges of innovation in heterogeneous, systematic innovation road of the cities in the transformation to sustainability.


Introduction to Linux

By Dr Levon Poghosyan

Levon Poghosyan is sharing his experience with Linux Operating System. Today, Linux Operating System has widespread use in every industry. Watch the video presentation to get the basic knowledge. This video is made for Armenian speaking audience.