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IJIBR – SEP 2020 Issue


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International Journal of Innovation and Business Research (IJIBR) is open access, peer-reviewed journal which publishes state-of-the-art research on emerging topics in the world of innovation and business practices. IJIBR aims to encourage theoretical and practical innovations in business activities. Coverage includes innovation and business activities in China, Russia, India, Armenia, and other emerging markets. IJIBR has a broad scope in the following areas: Innovation (including but not limited to: open innovation, innovation adoption and diffusion, creativity, social innovation and innovation alliances), Globalization in innovation and business, Innovation policies and practices that lead to new businesses, Cross-cultural case studies in business practice and innovation, New practical models and paradigms for understanding and fostering innovation, Innovation based systems, products, and processes, business strategy, business and management theory and practice, business innovation and other subjects related to business research. 

Publication Fee: USD 250 / RMB 800 (the author will receive 2 printed copies of journal shipped to your address free of charge)

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Publication Process


All published articles will be submitted for indexing in

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All articles have a digital object identifier (DOI). DOIs are standardized digital identities used across all major scientific publishers and are managed by CrossRef. DOIs guarantee a permanent Web-address of the article, no matter where it is physically stored. So, when referring to an article you can either use the traditional reference information (name of publication, volume, issue, etc.), or use the DOI. Many people now use both notations.

Archiving Policy

To guarantee permanent archiving, ACPC collaborates with the National Library of Armenia. All volumes of this journal are uploaded to its e-depot after publication.